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Every year, rapidly growing businesses lose thousands of dollars to inefficient processes, unnecessary services, and inexperienced employees. Fine-tuning your business can seem impossible when you're trying to keep up with quick growth and constantly putting out fires. At Efficient Small Business, we help you take control of your business by streamlining your current processes, removing redundant data entry, and eliminating unnecessary online services.

Having a scalable business model is essential to the longevity of your business and creating future wealth. Efficient systems and an optimized flow of data give you the ability to focus on future growth like every business owner should.

Here's what we can do for you!

  • Improve client relations:
    • Send automated progress updates
    • Alert clients of important deadlines and required information
    • Make specific data from your Excel or Google spreadsheet accessible to anyone on the internet
    • Send automated emails for special occasions
  • Decrease your workload:
    • Connect multiple spreadsheets (no more switching back and forth)
    • Create templated documents and labels with your client list
    • Update your calendar from spreadsheet data
    • Update your calendar when a form is submitted
    • Automatically create folders/files/send template welcome emails when a new client or employee is on-boarded
  • Help you work smarter
    • Custom dashboard (see your vital analytics in one place)
    • Send an email alert when a benchmark is reached
    • Quantify & articulate your company vision, so it can be put into your company procedures

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