Our Mission Is Simple:

We exist to increase productivity and reduce costs for small businesses


Have you ever seen one of those industrial super-powered printers that can print 1,500 pages an hour, hold 10 reams of paper, print 3 jobs simultaneously? They’re pretty amazing. Now would you spend $3,500 to have this turbo-charged printer in your office? Unless you have an office with 10 or more employees sharing one printer, I’m guessing the answer is “no”.

But why wouldn’t you want the best printer money can buy? Is it because you don’t care about quality? Is it because you don’t want the newest features? Is it because you don’t like printers that are larger than your desk? No. It’s because you know exactly what you need in a printer, and you’re not going to pay 10x more for capabilities and features that far exceed your requirements.

Why then would you pay for super-powered software or an online services when a simpler solution will meet your needs and cost significantly less (or FREE)?

What most small business owners don’t know is that they are paying hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars for online services and software they don't need or aren't using. At ESB, we're here to educate you on professional cost effective solutions, and help you become more productive by removing the unnecessary clutter. We also provide training on your current software, so you can make the most of the services and software you already pay for.

What We Do

We provide consulting, training, and basic IT services.

We provide two areas of consulting. The first is Support to help you find software and online services that will give you the lowest cost with the most features. The second is a complete Assessment of your online expenses to determine where you may be spending money for no particular reason (eg. Unused services that still charge you).

Our training covers basic to advanced features of popular office programs, G Suite administration and usage, and other popular Google services. Our training is designed to give you and your employees a greater understanding of the software you use on a daily basis, thereby increasing productivity.

IT is important for any business in the 21st century, and we provide basic IT services to keep your business running smoothly. A few of our services include: Software install & setup, G Suite administration, Creating automation for your repetitive administrative tasks, and building company intranets.

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